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Unique, life-size dog and cat sculptures have been sighted at several locations (often in downtown storefronts) in Downtown Haverstraw! The sculptures are part of the Great Painted Paw Brigade, a public art exhibition that will culminate in a live auction on June 3, 2012. Below, is a map depicting the known locations of these dogs and cats in the Village of Haverstraw.

Why Buy Local?

Posted: February 16, 2012 by in Activities, Cafes & Restaurants, Downtown, History, New Stores

“Every day we’re faced with choices: Buy from Home Depot or the guy that owns the hardware store in the Village? Get a cup of coffee from Starbucks or the local coffee shop? In these difficult economic times, to me it makes more sense to shop, buy, and dine at our local businesses. Buying local strengthens our local economy, creates jobs and makes our community unique.  Buying local supports you and your family: When you buy from an independent, locally owned business, more of your dollar stays within the community and is used to make purchases from other local businesses. It’s a virtuous cycle! Buying local keeps your community unique: Where we shop, where we eat and have fun makes North Rockland our home, and it makes it a better place to live. When you buy local, you invest in your community. Local businesses are owned by your neighbors, people who live in your town, and who are more invested in your community’s well-being and its future. So yes, I buy local whenever possible. I may pay a little more and sometimes get frustrated with inconvenient hours or unavailable items, but it’s important to me to support business in my community. I really enjoy running into neighbors and friends when shopping here. Chance encounters add something special to my day. I especially like the fact that I know the owner of a business or restaurant by his or her first name. It’s worth it to me to pay a little bit more and help out my neighborhood businesses, especially in these trying times.” — Taryn Raia Herbert, North Rockland Community Member

Bella Rose Lasagna - Borrowed from the UN of Food

A feisty food blogger from the United Nations of Food (one small man’s attempt to eat food from every country without leaving NYC ) took a weekend excursion with his fiance to Haverstraw where he was admittedly “shocked” by the wide selection of uber-awesome, unpretentious, Hudson Valley, non-yuppie, blue collar Latin/Italian, etc. food. Several times he exclaims in as many ways as he can: “And guess what?  I had it all wrong.  Haverstraw, formerly known as the brickmaking capital of the world, is a mostly working-class town, featuring a gravel mine and a gigantic oil-fired power plant.  No silly, pretentious food here.  Not even in the prettiest cafe in town.” That pretty cafe he mentions? Well, that’s the Bella Rose Cafe on New Main Street. And where did they sleep while staying in the Village? In the best bed and breakfast in the County, the Bricktown Inn on Hudson Avenue. (more…)

A Facebook Vignette: Urban v. Suburban

Posted: November 18, 2011 by in Activities, Downtown, History, Opinions & Politics

I love the Haverstraw – Our Hometown Facebook page. It features several discussions on the history of Haverstraw and brief accounts of life in the Village, today and in the past. Renee, a member of the page recently gave an account of her experience while visiting Downtown Haverstraw. She describes perfectly the relationship between density and a vibrant street life, which is all-too-often missing from the suburban strip mall. Haverstraw is not suburban. It is a uniquely urban place with a breathtaking view of the Hudson River, sitting in the shadow of the towering peak of High Tor. Because of this, many existing residents of the sprawl areas of Rockland County fear the Village. They cannot understand the benefits of living in an urban environment, because they have become so familiar with an inhuman, car-dominated sprawl landscape. Here are more excerpts from Renee, Dianne, Peter and other members of Haverstraw – Our Hometown. (more…)

The Rockland Street Kids’ Fair, hosted by the Bricktown Gospel Fellowship, drew large crowds of Village families to Downtown Haverstraw to take part in a day of fun and games. Rockland Street was shut down to vehicles to accommodate the festival. The fair included fun activities for the kids, including crafts and a small petting zoo.