Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week: “We realized that if we were going to live in NYC it would have be in the West Village or Chelsea or something. Obviously, that’s cost prohibitive. So, we just decided to live in Haverstraw.” … More Quote of the Week

Reverse Commute

A trip across the widest part of the Hudson River from Haverstraw, New York to the Ossining, New York MetroNorth train station. At the train station in Ossining, you can catch a train into Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan or points north. The whole trip to Grand Central, including the ferry ride, takes about … More Reverse Commute

The Palisades’ Majestic Crown. . . High Tor

Much has been said, filmed, recorded, and written about High Tor Mountain since it was first spotted by Henry Hudson’s crew (and before that, maybe Verazzano’s crew, and before that Native Americans. . .). High Tor Mountain is the crowning peak of the Palisades Escarpment, the network of volcanic rock cliffs and peaks that extends … More The Palisades’ Majestic Crown. . . High Tor