Welcome to Haverstraw’s Future

bay.JPGI’ve dedicated this site to the advancement and revitalization of the Village of Haverstraw, a community at the widest point of the Hudson River in New York. This small city of 11,000 people on 2 square miles Train Stationis set below a dramatic back-drop between the jagged edifice of High Tor Mountain and the expanse of Haverstraw Bay on the Hudson. The village is currently undergoing an almost billion dollar transformation, and is on the path to becoming one of the premier places to visit along the Hudson River. I hope you will use this site as a tool to explore and discover the historic Village of Haverstraw.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Haverstraw’s Future

  1. thanks for your interest in HaverstrawLife! Please, feel free to check back here for more updates and more stories about the history and happenings of Haverstraw…

  2. Thanks for the site, my father (Jule Silverstein) taught 9th grade Social Studies for nearly 35 years in both the old Haverstraw High School, Farley Middle and the new High School. Can’t believe that they opened a B&B almost directly across the street from his childhood home on Hudson Avenue. My Grandfather (Marcy Silverstein) owned a ice cream sweet shop in downtown Haverstraw for many years.

  3. We need more people coming in to patronize the local shops in the Haverstraw downtown – there’s no way it can flourish and regain its legacy if we don’t have shoppers and diners coming into the Village. We need more wealthy and upscale people moving in. We need more artists and young families deciding to make Haverstraw their home.

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