A Setback for Haverstraw from the State Level

newyorktraffic.jpgThe State Assembly, led by Democrat Sheldon Silver, and the State Senate, led by Joseph Bruno has failed to vote on and adopt a congestion pricing plan proposed by the Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg. The plan would have charged commuters entering Manhattan below 86th Street and off the West Side Highway and FDR Drive, up to $8.00 minus any bridge or tunnel tolls spent before entering Manhattan. Because of the political stalemate, New York City and the MTA has lost over $500 million in federal aid to combat traffic and poor air quality. Revenues raised from the congestion pricing plan would have been reinvested back into the MTA for capital improvements and additions to service through subway, regional rail, bus, and ferry. Haverstraw would have greatly benefited from Mr. Bloomberg’s plan, because any walking village near a region transit hub would suddenly become even more valuable, as home buyers and commuters would be even more attracted to mass transit options. The New York State Government has truly failed Haverstraw and the rest of New York’s citizens. Our air quality and quality of life will continue to deteriorate until New York is no longer a desirable place to live. . .


2 thoughts on “A Setback for Haverstraw from the State Level

  1. It looks like there might be some kind of deal in the works, and of course Silver gets to control everything that happens. Let’s see if we get to keep the 1/2 billion dollars from the feds.

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