Water Taxi Sets Sail!

The New York Water Taxi set sail from the Haverstraw Ferry Landing for the first time this morning. The ferry departed from Haverstraw at 6:15AM, made one stop in Yonkers, and continued on to the World Financial Center and then Pier 11 on Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. Visit the New York Water Taxi website for more information here.


2 thoughts on “Water Taxi Sets Sail!

  1. The only water taxi service to Lower Manhattan is from Haverstraw and Yonkers. I would suggest trying the service from Haverstraw, and then compare the travel times (and include your drive to Haverstraw). You may find that the time saved (and the hassle avoided) is well worth it. Do you currently take the Newburgh Ferry and MetroNorth, and do you work in Lower Manhattan?

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