Lower Fares for Water Taxi Start May 1!

The New York Water Taxi is lowering its fares from Haverstraw and Yonkers to Lower Manhattan! At a time when other modes of commute are getting costlier due to higher gas prices, tolls, and train fares, the ferry route is getting cheaper. The Water Taxi is lowering its fares ahead of the summer season, in hopes of increasing ridership on the ferry. The new fare from Haverstraw to Lower Manhattan are $12.00 one-way, down from $15.00. The new fare from Yonkers to Lower Manhattan is $10.00 one-way, down from $12.00. Rides between Yonkers and Haverstraw will now be $5.00. Visit the New York Water Taxi website for more information: http://www.nywatertaxi.com/commuters/hudsonriver/


5 thoughts on “Lower Fares for Water Taxi Start May 1!

  1. The price of gas is going to hit $4.00 per gallon! I will be using this new ferry service for sure! Thank god!

  2. To Increase ridership on ferry to downtown NYC, suggest Rockland School District teachers take advantage of great field trip – many historic sites including Museum of American Indian, Ellis Island, Fraunces Tavern,etc. great for fifth and sixth graders.

  3. Is the Ferry service from Haverstraw to Manhattan goint to be on weekends? I hope so. There are many people interested in weekend toors to manhattan.
    Plesse refer a site where i can find more clear schedules. Thank you.


  4. Weekend Service is being discussed but is “not a hight priority.” I agree with you, weekend service is needed! There are currently no concrete plans for weekend ferry service from Haverstraw, unfortunately. I will update you as things progress.

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