High Spirits at Bricktown Gospel

Bricktown Gospel Congregation
Bricktown Gospel Congregation

In the heart of downtown Haverstraw, Pastor Tim Tyree has been delivering sermons for the Bricktown Gospel congregation geared toward revitalizing the spirit of the Village. The Pastor believes that not only must the Village’s infrastructure be revitalized and rebuilt to its formal splendor, but the Village’s soul and its people need uplifting as well. Gleaming facades, clean sidewalks, and glowing storefronts are decidedly dull if these aspects of a revitalized city are not enjoyed by the people. Pastor Tim has put together a more full description of the Church, which works heavily to draw inspiration from the Village’s extraordinarily rich history:

Life is like brick making!

For a hundred years in our village’s history, Haverstraw brick makers pressed Hudson River clay into molds and stamped their unique image onto each brick. After being fired in the furnace, the bricks were useful for construction. This process is similar to the way our Maker deals with us. Generations ago, a prophet said in a prayer, “…we are the clay, and You are our potter; we are all the work of Your hand.” The concept is that as we are pliable like clay, He can shape us into more purposeful individuals. He uses the “furnace” of life’s trials to equip and prepare us for our future. The Maker’s “image” can be recognized in those who have been molded by Him. Ultimately, these individuals (bricks) form a supportive community (like a brick wall) when they come together (with the “mortar” of unity). Bricktown Gospel Fellowship, the newest church in Haverstraw Village, is practicing these principles of discovering our Maker’s purpose for our lives and participating together in the spiritual formation process. BGF is non-denominational and non-traditional. We are also one of the most diverse congregations in Rockland County. Our neighborhood and community benefit as we learn to serve unselfishly and demonstrate compassion for all people in need of purpose and direction. You can find us at Haverstraw’s annual street fair, or at any of the Village’s regular events…find us involved with the Chamber of Commerce or the Community Center…you may find our teams doing a local cleanup project or helping local fire victims.

Our doors opened in 2002, and we have since acquired a permanent home at 17 Rockland Street in the heart of Downtown. Visit us at www.bricktowngospel.org and stop by or give us a call at 845-429-REAP(7327).

At our website you can:

– view YouTube videos of Haverstraw

– find links to our Village’s brickmaking history

– read Pastor Tim’s biography

– view our calendar of events

– view photos & videos of our faith community

– get driving directions and a map

– submit an email for questions or comments

– make online donations

– we are also developing a kid’s page


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