Ana’s Botellas: Paint the Town

Ana Peguero Paints her BottlesFloriana, or Ana Peguero has started a most interesting craft based on her heritage infused with environmental conservation. Ana paints reclaimed glass bottles for all kinds for different uses; this is more accurately called “upcycling” by the young greensters of today. Most of Ana’s work is inspired by patterns she remembers from her childhood and younger life in a central Dominican Republic village. Ana came to Haverstraw nearly one decade ago. Today, she resides in New City. Read her account below for some background on her life and her craft:

My name is Floriana Peguero. I was born and raised in a very small town surrounded by enormous mountains, lush green vegetation, precious tropical flowers and honest sincere people. The time spent in my native land is what allows me to see and appreciate the endless color of our beautiful world. I come from Constanza, located in the center of The Dominican Republic, truly a fantastic and dreamy paradise.

Ana PegueroI was born in a tiny village called Palero, the 4th of 13 brothers and sisters. This explains, at least to some degree, why I am so drawn to the idea of recycling. Coming from such a large family it was necessary that what my older siblings used would pass into my hands and thereafter to those younger than me. Ever since I can remember I have been a collector. I saved matchbooks, postage stamps, cactus plants and miniature bottles, which reminds me of an amusing anecdote: My darling brother Julio, may he rest in peace, enjoyed availing himself of the contents of my miniature bottles and then refilling them with coffee.  I am sure that this memory accounts for much of my love of glass and bottles. Julio’s spirit lives on in my craft; believe me, you would have loved him too.

For me, glass is the simplest yet most elegant of materials. Of course this doesn’t mean that I will not work with other canvases, in fact I do. Glass bottles are my favorite medium, but plastic bottles have their own charm. In fact I think we should encourage every child who drinks a bottle of water or juice or a bottle of any other beverage to imagine the possibility of painting it. In this way, we are fostering the idea of conservation as well as the imaginations and creative capabilities of our younger generation.

If you’re interested in Ana’s “Botellas” Bottles, please contact her by email at . You may also use and the comment area below to get in contact with Ana. Thank you!


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