Rowing Club is Welcomed to the Village

The North Rockland Rowing Club, Inc., a non-profit group (501c-3) that fosters rowing on the Hudson River, has made a commitment to Haverstraw. The Club operates out of the Elks’ Club/Admiral’s Cove Marina, also known as the “gap” by Haverstraw natives. A 60 foot, low profile dock and ramp has been installed at the western end of the Marina and can be accessed at the small boathouse, formerly of the Hudson-Bergen Yacht Club, which was acquired by Ginsburg Development a few years ago to make way for Admiral’s Cove.

This fall, the club will host North Rockland High School students from the school’s crew team so they can stay in shape and brush up on their rowing skills. Jerry Rodriguez, the club’s president, hopes to put a boat together and attend the ‘Head of the Charles’ crew race in Boston/Cambridge this October.

The club raises money through various fund raisers and grants. Nanette Brawer, a club trustee, created an ornate quilt that supported a huge raffle. The club continually finds unique ways to raise money to pay for equipment and for the docks. For instance, the club recently “went green” by starting a new fund raiser that acts to collect your old printer ink cartridges and recycles them for money in return (look for collection containers at Joe’s Bagel Deli in the Garnerville ShopRite plaza). Also, look for the club each year at the International Street Fair in the Village of Haverstraw during the Ferry-Go-Round; the club normally sells various pies from the Conklin Orchards.

To celebrate the inclusion of the North Rockland Rowing Club into the Haverstraw Village community, a dockside ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for October 15th. Several proponents of the docks will attend, including Senator Thomas Morahan and Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun, who secured grant funds for the Rowing Club to purchase the dock equipment. Mayor Kohut and Supervisor Phillips will also attend.

The Rowing Club hopes the ribbon cutting will mark the introduction of the sport to the Village and its people; they hope interest grows from here and membership in their club grows. “We want Village residents to be a large part of this club. . . we want more people to experience the sport and closer to the Hudson River,” said Susan Rodriguez, a club executive board member.

The Rowing Club is adamant about building a permanent boathouse facility on the shore of the Hudson River. After attempts to build a facility in Stony Point, in Clark Park on River Road and then in Riverfront Park, the club decided to move to Haverstraw. Originally, the club was afforded a contract to build a boathouse facility at the park by former Supervisor Douglass Jobson. On that premise, the State of New York awarded a grant for $25,000 to the club to pay for design and planning of the facility. The boathouse would have been open to the public and would have been maintained by the Club, at no cost to the Town of Stony Point. Unfortunately, when the current Supervisor Phillip Marino was elected in Stony Point, the contract/agreement was discarded by his administration and the New York State grant was lost. The club is hopeful that they will find better luck in Haverstraw. So far, the Village Board and Mayor Kohut have been more than receptive, and the outpouring of support by village residents has been enormous. The Boathouse planned for Stony Point is pictured on the left.

All Rockland County residents and residents of the entire region are encouraged to join the rowing club. Whether you’re experienced or not, the North Rockland Rowing Club is committed to teaching the sport and expanding awareness. The club will begin to piece together youth, young adult, adult, and senior boats as membership grows. For more information, call Jerry or Susan at (845) 942-1030.

Visit the North Rockland Rowing Club website at: The rowing club is a designated 501(c)-3 organization, where donations are fully tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation to the North Rockland Rowing Club, please mail a check to P.O. Box 115, Tomkins Cove, N.Y. 10986 or visit this website:


14 thoughts on “Rowing Club is Welcomed to the Village

  1. Dear Rowing Inquiries:

    The North Rockland Rowing Club is going to run an erg/workout/instruction night Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at the Fieldstone School beginning January 6, 2009.

    If you are serious about rowing and want to condition yourself for Spring Crew 2009, which is just around the corner, sign up and reserve your spot.

    Call Coach Jerry Rodriguez at (845) 942-1030.

    Thanks! And have a great New Year!

  2. Does anybody know why the has the north rockland high school crew team suspended?
    -Parents of crew team members.

  3. To my knowledge, the coaches (and Cassarella) have refused to get officially certified for rowing through some certification program. And they arent cpr certified. Too BIG of a liability for the high school and harverstraw village and ginsburg’s harbors. Plus, this rowing club could not cover the liability if these coaches are not certified. That’s all I heard. Hopefully, these dopes (I don’t know their name) will go and get certified – it sounds like a teacher’s union scam!

  4. We are waiting to find out what’s going to happen with the High School’s Crew Team from Dr. Brian Monahan, the Superintendent of Schools from North Rockland Central School District. Keep in mind, any outcome of this does not affect the North Rockland Rowing Club – the club and the school team are separate entities, although the club does work to support the school’s team as often as possible.

  5. The North Rockland Rowing Club has extended their hand to the School District; an agreement has been drawn up by the Rowing Club and their attorneys in order to operate safely and efficiently in the Village of Haverstraw off of the Rowing Club docks. Thus far, the Rowing Club has received no response from North Rockland.

  6. An Update:

    The Teachers’ Union representative was present in the meeting that the North Rockland Rowing Club had with Mr. Cassarella, Dr. Monahan, and the school team coaches.

    The union representative, defying Dr. Monahan, told the coaches that “they don’t have to sign any agreements that they don’t want to sign. . .” – and therefore, the high school crew team will not be operating out of the Village of Haverstraw on N.R. Rowing Club facilities and with Rowing Club equipment.

    Unfortunately, the team’s coaches are unwilling to gain the appropriate certifications to operate a safe crew team, and are unwilling to negotiate ways to work in a more safe and responsible fashion.

    The coaches have decided to work with another non-profit rowing club. That facility is 45 minutes away, in Ringwood, New Jersey. The team will ride a bus to that location each day.

    The North Rockland Rowing Club is unhappy that the coaches are unable to negotiate an agreement that requires safety measures.

    The Rowing Club is excited to grow its program in Haverstraw Village – already, there are several members actively rowing in the afternoon and on weekend mornings. The Club recently went to West Point Military Academy to use the indoor rowing tanks.

  7. They’ve gone too far with this! How much to teachers need to be paid???? Why isn’t this about safety for our kids??????? Disgraceful. an absolut disgrace!

  8. Someone should call Cole Hachard – the school district is out of control and the one good thing they had they want to screw up. This is not good and someone needs to be a whistle blower now.

  9. If anyone is interested in learning to row, National Learn-to-Row Day 2010 is Saturday, June 5, 2010 from 9am to 4pm for rowers age 13 and up. The event is great if you have no prior experience with rowing, or you’re rusty and haven’t rowed in years. Learn-to-Row Day is sponsored by U.S. Rowing, Concept 2 Rowing Machines, Orange & Rockland Utilities, and the Town of Haverstraw (Thank you Supervisor Howard Phillips!). The event is located at Admiral’s Cove in the Village of Haverstraw, the back of the Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry parking lot; Admiral’s Cove is located at Dr. Girling Drive, Haverstraw, NY 10927. For more information, call 845-942-1030 or visit the North Rockland Rowing Club, INC at . . . See you June 5th!

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