A Winning WalkScore

More and more new home buyers are looking for housing options that are located within a walkable community. “Walkable” means that basic necessities, entertainment, dining, and other daily errands are accomplished and obtained by simply taking a short walk rather than jumping in a car and burning gas. WalkScore.com, an online tool that scores communities (and specific addresses) for their inherent “walkability,” is aiding these home buyers and apartment searchers in determining their ideal walkable neighborhood.

North Rockland County is not exactly a walker’s paradise, however, the Village of Haverstraw scores unusually high on Walk Score in this region. The Village of Haverstraw is considered “Very Walkable” with an average score of between 80% and 85%. Compared to other towns within the North Rockland area, Haverstraw scores highly. The Town of Stony Point (just to the north) scores a mere average of 29% and the rest of the Town of Haverstraw (including hamlets like Garnerville and Thiells) scores just 35%. While the Village does score fairly well considering its surrounding neighborhoods and towns, there is much room for improvement. New businesses that cater to various residents’ needs, such as grocery stores, butcher shops, coffee shops, additional companies that can offer employment opportunities, and more options for entertainment will ultimately lift Haverstraw into the 90%+ range. Expanding the existing ferry service will also boost the score.

The West Village in Manhattan scores a 100% and is considered a model for walkability.


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