Tony Bourdain’s Take on the Hudson Valley

Here’s the Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations episode on the Hudson Valley. He captures the classic attitude of most New York City dwellers (and tourists) toward “Upstate,” or the Hudson Valley. I continually argue that the Hudson Valley is a world of its own, not a piece of the generic “upstate” moniker. Keep your eyes peeled for some nice shots of Haverstraw. I’ll warn you, there are a few errors in the episode. At 7:00, shots of Grassy Point are mistakenly used for Verplanck. Below is the first of three segments. The following two segments will automatically play, so keep watching.


3 thoughts on “Tony Bourdain’s Take on the Hudson Valley

  1. While the crew didn’t quite catch the full essence of the Hudson Valley, I think they did a damn good job for a one hour program. I’m writing this post from West 92nd Street; just watched the program from the youtube link above. This episode actually made me miss the River a bit; luckily it’s right at the end of my street, and I’ll be riding across its widest point on the Hav-Oss Ferry tomorrow evening. . .

  2. I was drooling over that featured Polish Deli. I can eat smoked meats three times a day. Polish Deli in the Village???If only…..I also loved the segment with Bill Murray. X20 is delicious. We ate there this summer. What a place.Now bring that to our waterfront.

  3. A pierogi shop would be divine. I’d hike my arse up to Haverstraw from DUMBO every weekend to get some. Loving it. Pine Island is a little far, although that’s beautiful country up there.

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