Sound Off: How will high energy costs affect the Village in the future?

Oil Depletion and Production Decline
Oil Depletion & Production Decline

More and more analysts are blaming financial market turmoil, real estate market stagnation and decline, and high rates of unemployment on expensive and volatile prices for oil. Since oil and other sources of energy are embedded in every aspect of our economy, this claim has a lot of teeth. In your opinion, how might the growing price of oil affect the Village of Haverstraw? Might we see an influx of new residents as suburb dwellers seek ways to avoid driving expensive cars? Might a rebirth in local manufacturing and commercial river traffic emerge? Perhaps the future of the Village will look much like its past?


3 thoughts on “Sound Off: How will high energy costs affect the Village in the future?

  1. It makes sense to move to the Village of Haverstraw. We need valid businesses to invest down there and move out the out of control taxi stands, beauty shops, and outrageously painted barber shop store fronts! Where is the Village on this? I would move from Stony Point in a heartbeat.

  2. I’ll be living in a village setting when all oft this begins to happen. It’s probably the best way to live; still somewhat close to farms, still having the neighbor support network all around you. I feel bad for everyone that is living in very rural or very suburban places.

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