Downtown2Garner: An Art-focused Pedestrian Path

Wouldn’t it be great if a resident or a visitor to the Village of Haverstraw could walk, jog or bike to and from the artsy Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, also known as Garner Arts Center (formerly GAGA)? There exists a major opportunity to directly link Downtown Haverstraw with Garner along the Minisceongo Creek. Currently, the Millenium natural gas pipeline runs in an open right of way adjacent to the Creek from Garner’s “Creekside” sculpture park to the long-ignored sculpture park in front of the old ‘Hornick’ factory at the junction of Broadway and Samsondale Avenue in the Village. Let’s call the path “Downtown2Garner.” The following image is a “walking shed” study of the proposed pedestrian path:


Also, visit this google map, so that you can explore the proposed path route:


6 thoughts on “Downtown2Garner: An Art-focused Pedestrian Path

  1. I think this might be the perfect project. With the right introductory video, we might raise enough money to get this done. I think, if we want to do it right, it would cost on the order of $20,000-$30,000. The first step is to find out who owns the ROW (Millenium Pipeline) and to see if it can be opened for public use.

  2. Love it. This would also create more press for GAGA. It isn’t like we have a shortage of cyclists in the Rockland area. Would love to see more paths for cyclists, walkers etc.

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