Tactical Urbanism in Haverstraw?

In Cleveland, local residents installed bike lanes and street furniture along a particularly desolate street in order to enliven their city with a more pedestrian friendly atmosphere. In the past I’ve written about pop-up urbanism as a way to create sense of place in a downtown area and spark a new interest among residents in using the street as a place to meet, exercise, relax, and be human. Tactical urbanism is a new phase of downtown citizen activism, where residents take matters into their own hands and reclaim the streets for people. Would something similar work along Main, New Main, or Broadway in downtown Haverstraw? See the short film below to catch my drift:


One thought on “Tactical Urbanism in Haverstraw?

  1. Love the concept- Cleveland is a prime city for that with its broad boulevards- room for everyone. But why not Haverstraw- smartly routed traffic would allow for more pedestrian and interactive zones of “human” space.

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