Visualizing Scale & Density

Jakriborg, Sweden, a medieval village of 500 families and a major tourism destination can fit within a relatively small area in the Village of Haverstraw. Such an exercise in scale really shows how zoning can have such a major impact on the built environment and the economy. How many Jakriborgs can your town fit? Better yet, how many Jakriborgs can a nearby Walmart parking lot fit? Now, think about the economic consequences of this. . . My inspiration for this graphic came from an article posted here at the Small Streets Blog.


4 thoughts on “Visualizing Scale & Density

  1. You know Jared,

    I am still not sure I get this and convince that would be right for the VOH. I have a very different plan and that plan must have parking in any business district and community. Come Thursday If I win this primary I be introducing some of the most radical changes this village has seen since i brought ginsburg into the village. Saying that I do have an interest in hearing and learning a little more about this and see if somehow maybe could be incorporated and work? But, I am not sure or convince as of yet.


    1. I am not suggesting replicating Jakriborg inside of Haverstraw – I am saying to take a look at the density and walkability to see why places like that are so successful from an economic perspective (tourism, desire to live there, etc.).

  2. I work in development and these themes are repeated over and over in successful places (tourists and the economy does not want parking, believe it or not) – it is the same reason why there is no parking in a place like the West Village, Newport R.I., Rockport M.A., Woodstock V.T., most of Europe (ie. Jakriborg and all other major tourist destinations), Martha’s Vineyard, etc. etc. Parking Lots = Suburbia, density and walkability + historic architecture is what is desirable among people who are going to stimulate the local economy. Beacon, N.Y. is a good example (so is Warwick or Cold Spring, N.Y.). All politicians and those who want to be politicians must travel to these places and understand what makes them successful. Get out of your car and walk through these places – they all have very similar characteristics.

  3. The last thing we need is more parking, Ricky. That is not a good plan. The Village has enough lots but with poor signage. Let’s face it, Americans are over weight and drive 20 minutes in front of a mall just to get a front door spot. You need to redefine how Americans think. We need more businesses down town and of the diverse kind. Parking is an eye sore and souless. We need to see the waterfront developed better. That will draw in people and feed our economy. The new Village sign makes NO reference to the fact we are a HISTORIC WATERFRONT Village. TERRIBLE planning. When I discovered Haverstraw in the mid 90s it was because I saw a sign pointing to the Haverstraw Marina off 9W and ventured there on my own. The #1 thing we have going is our proximity to NYC and that we are an affordable, historic waterfront community outside of Manhattan. Take a look at this: You have a group of people who realize the value of that beautiful piece of land. No more freaking barber shops and please no more parking. Good luck Ricky on Thursday. Let’s get this party started.

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