Welcome Debbie Ali!

hill-news-photo-1hill-news-photo-2HaverstrawLife welcomes Debbie Ali as a new contributor to the site. Debbie recently moved with her family from Queens to the Village of Haverstraw. Keep an eye out for new posts by Debbie as she explores Haverstraw, the arts and the Hudson Valley. Read more about Debbie after the jump.

Debbie Ali is a mixed media artist who loves to spark creativity and visual thinking empowerment. She graduated Magna Cum Laude at St. Lawrence University, studying Economics, Fine Arts and Anthropology.
Her recent art installation, Throwing Down the Gauntlet, delves into issues on college campuses such as stereotyping, “taboo” products, body image, and mental illness. She has also contributed pieces to the Mosaic Festival in Canton, NY, and La Galerie Lakay, in Potsdam, NY, which embody people of color and cultural diversity.
Debbie’s current project is a blog called Liberally Arts, in which she writes about art education and careers cultivated from an individual’s academic passion or talent.
With her recent move from Queens, NY to Rockland County, Debbie is excited to explore and discover the best-kept secrets hidden within the Lower Hudson Valley! You can find more of Debbie’s art on her website (www.debuccinoart.com

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