Vintage Film: “Down (Up) the Hudson” 1903

Here’s an incredible film (in high speed) of a 1903 trip up the Hudson (the film is incorrectly named “Down the Hudson”) from Haverstraw to Newburgh. Notable sites along the way are Stony Point, the Stony Point Lighthouse and Battlefield, the Bear Mountain “fjord,” West Point, and the waterfront at Newburgh. The trip, probably aboard … More Vintage Film: “Down (Up) the Hudson” 1903

A Big Red Tomato Grows in Haverstraw

Reyes “Ray” Dominguez, a long-time Haverstraw resident, has created his most recent venture, The Big Red Tomato at 9 Main Street, right across from Lucas Candies. The new bar and grill boasts a tasty fusion of Latin, American, and international flavors. Ray has come a long way since his immigrated from Mexico years ago. His story is an inspiration for us all, and the true entrepreneurial spirit of the Big Red Tomato is bright. … More A Big Red Tomato Grows in Haverstraw

The Picturesque Hudson

In a fantastic account of the Hudson River towns, The Picturesque Hudson, author Clifton Johnson paints an elaborate and detailed picture of Haverstraw and surrounding communities in 1909. Haverstraw is described as a vibrant village with a rich history, even 100 years ago. I have attached Chapter IX: Haverstraw & Stony Point. The account reads … More The Picturesque Hudson

Knickerbocker Ice Festival Celebrates a Cool Past

Rockland Lake, the former home of one of the largest and most famous ice houses in America – the Knickerbocker Ice Company, is hosting the annual Knickerbocker Ice Festival. The festivities are full of new events to mark the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s famous trip up the river that bears his name as well … More Knickerbocker Ice Festival Celebrates a Cool Past

A Tribute to Our People

As we ring in 2009, let’s celebrate Haverstraw’s diversity and its people. The following clip offers documentary photography generated from students ages 5-20 from Ken Karlewicz’s After School Photography Program in the Village of Haverstraw. The photo journalist project offers a unique glimpse into daily life in the Village.

The Babe Comes Home

In 1920, George Herman “Babe” Ruth spent the summer in Haverstraw filming one of his more famous roles in “Headin’ Home.” The film was shot almost entirely in the Village of Haverstraw. Baseball scenes were filmed at Markham Field, behind Saint Peter’s Church on Broadway. The original field was fitted with covered bleachers and resembled … More The Babe Comes Home

General Electric Cleaning up the Hudson’s Dirty Past

The General Electric Company, who is responsible for the dumping of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) into the Hudson River in the north-of-Albany region, has hired two contractors to develop an environmental dredging facility. The federal government recently mandated the Hudson River cleanup, which will cost GE over $700 million. Scientists believe PCBs are probable carcinogens, or … More General Electric Cleaning up the Hudson’s Dirty Past