A Facebook Vignette: Urban v. Suburban

I love the Haverstraw – Our Hometown Facebook page. It features several discussions on the history of Haverstraw and brief accounts of life in the Village, today and in the past. Renee, a member of the page recently gave an account of her experience while visiting Downtown Haverstraw. She describes perfectly the relationship between density … More A Facebook Vignette: Urban v. Suburban

Haverstraw Village Local Currency Plan

The Concept: Haverstraw Notes Local currency is a powerful, local economic development engine. The problem with national currency like the U.S. Dollar is that value is quite often removed from a local economy, as that value is transferred to national retailers (chains) or is spent elsewhere, in other communities. By creating a local currency system … More Haverstraw Village Local Currency Plan

Scenes from on High

Local photographer Thomas McGuire captures Haverstraw from atop High Tor Mountain. High Tor towers above the Village of Haverstraw, which is nestled between the base of the peak and the Hudson River. Photo #2 is the old Haverstraw High School, today Haverstraw Middle School, seen from above – the school is celebrating its 75th Anniversary … More Scenes from on High

Our History of Trains

I have been both amazed and frustrated by the recent “national conversation” on high speed rail. Never before in the history of these United States has transportation (especially railroads) become part of the partisan divide. It seems the R’s need more issues to fight over with the D’s; and where are the I’s in all … More Our History of Trains

Built to Last

There’s something about old fashioned communities that attracts so many of us. What is it exactly? Can you pinpoint that special something about Nyack, or Piermont, or Hoboken, or Brooklyn, or . . . HaverstrawVillage that creates excitement, the platform for a thriving community? … More Built to Last

Julie Andrews and Bing Crosby in “High Tor”

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, author, poet, reporter and lyricist Maxwell Anderson, came to the aid of High Tor Mountain in 1936 when he wrote an immensely popular verse play of the same name, “High Tor.” The United States Traprock Company was interested in purchasing the peak at the time and planned to remove the rear side … More Julie Andrews and Bing Crosby in “High Tor”

Shouldn’t We Bring Cottage Industry to Haverstraw?

The New York Times has released a fairly interesting article on the revival of cottage industry, which has begun to meld with the world of high-fashion and high-design. Rural Craft is the new “it” for urban dwellers these days. . . and chic is more and more looking like it’s beyond passe. But in all … More Shouldn’t We Bring Cottage Industry to Haverstraw?

The Palisades’ Majestic Crown. . . High Tor

Much has been said, filmed, recorded, and written about High Tor Mountain since it was first spotted by Henry Hudson’s crew (and before that, maybe Verazzano’s crew, and before that Native Americans. . .). High Tor Mountain is the crowning peak of the Palisades Escarpment, the network of volcanic rock cliffs and peaks that extends … More The Palisades’ Majestic Crown. . . High Tor