Midrises Coming to Maple Avenue?

Recently, in the Rockland Journal News, a developer who owns several apartment buildings at the corner of Maple Avenue and West Street in the Village of Haverstraw released his plan toย build four- and six-story apartment buildings after completion ofย demolition of his existing properties. Theย present apartment complex has been a source of blight along Maple Avenue … More Midrises Coming to Maple Avenue?

Governor Pataki and Haverstraw

Governor George E. Pataki has continually supported the Haverstraw Revitalization effort. In his last round of grant distribution, Pataki released $3 million more toward the $150 million needed to continue Haverstraw’s rennaissance. This last funding happened in October of 2002. Since then, numerous projects in the Village have been earmarked by the state and federal … More Governor Pataki and Haverstraw

Martin Ginsburg on Haverstraw Ferries

Martin Ginsburg, who could quite possibly go down along with Mayor “Bud” Wassmer as men who “saved Haverstraw,” is the father of waterfront development in the Village of Haverstraw. The Harbors at Haverstraw, and subsequent communities that will follow it, are at any length children of Mr. Ginsburg. Thanks to him and his corporation,Ginsburg Development … More Martin Ginsburg on Haverstraw Ferries