Community Spotlight: Virginia ‘Ginny’ Norfleet

Virginia ‘Ginny’ Norfleet, is more than just a resident of Haverstraw; she connects with and brings people within community together. Her passion, dedication and love for Haverstraw has helped to unearth a hidden history within the town. There were African slaves in Haverstraw during the 1800s. Ginny has dug deep to uncover the untold stories of the brickyard workers here in Haverstraw, and has built a memorial park to honor and respect those whose voices were silenced. But this is just the beginning of Ginny’s journey to bring forth the deep, rich history that Haverstraw is hiding beneath the clay. … More Community Spotlight: Virginia ‘Ginny’ Norfleet

The Hudson Riviera: Why not Vacation in Haverstraw?

After reading a New York Times article on the resurgence of the Rockaways  among twenty- and thirty-somethings as a mecca of weekend vacationing/staycationing, my mind started to tick. Of course the ticking revolved around Haverstraw, however, this may be a lesson for most still grungy rivertowns in the Hudson River Valley. Hipsters proudly proclaim that … More The Hudson Riviera: Why not Vacation in Haverstraw?