Ferries Reach Milestone

ferrylogo.gifThe Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry, a precursor to the Newburgh-Beacon ferry that started this year, is considered one of the most successful ferry operations on the Hudson River. Within 5 years of its creation, the Haverstraw Ferry has reached a ridership record of over 500. During gasoline price hikes, ridership tends to increase significantly as well. Recently, a milestone was reached in Newburgh when the ferry there reached 300 rides in under six months. This ridership total is higher than was expected for the entire first year of service. The ferry ridership, in both Haverstraw and Newburgh, is expected to rise continually because of increased traffic on area roads and the never ending increases in gasoline prices in the United States.

Crude oil recently hit $75.00 a barrel. The highest price oil has ever been in its history, if adjusted for inflation, was $80.00 per barrel in the early 1980s. We are quickly approaching this mark. Some experts say that gasoline prices will crest $4.00 a gallon, once crude oil hits the anticipated $80 mark. With nothing to do but watch price increases happen, residents of Rockland and Orange Counties are actively seeking new ways to reach their jobs in New York City. They will continue to support the Newburgh and Haverstraw Ferries as service is expanded at both docks.


3 thoughts on “Ferries Reach Milestone

  1. i believe the ferry will we a superb replacement over automibles. it is more efficent as well as convient for young adults looking to enjoy their night lives in nyc and westchester,with the added benefit of being more erganomic; it also almost absolutely removes all possibilites of drunk driving. I can forsee the ferry’s service to continue growing and become an unexpendable asset to the community and all of its visitors.

  2. The ferry costs $3 a crossing. The ferry can be used for a means of travel other than commuting. Do you need to get into New York to catch a train from Grand Central? Do you need to meet anyone in Westchester? Don’t cross the Tappan Zee Bridge, pay $4 for a toll, sit in traffic and spend another $30 on gas. Take the Haverstraw Ferry and take in the view!

  3. I ride the ferry from Haverstraw to catch the train in Ossining for Manhattan…it’s definately the best way to get into the city during the week. I notice everyday that ferry riders are ALWAYS smiling…even after a long day of work!

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