Imports: Jewelry by Mónika Rodriguez

jewelry1.jpgHaverstraw’s rich wealth of culture and history continues to create new opportunities for residents to share aspects of their customs with each other. 18 year old Mónika Rodriguez lives in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. She began designing and creating jewelry at age 15. Mónika’s Godmother and Aunt, Floriana Gonzalez, lives in Haverstraw and receives samples of jewelry in the mail, directly from the Dominican Republic. Floriana works to sell her neice’s unique and vibrant jewelry to any interested buyer.

pic1.jpgMónika is now starting her first year at Mercy Jaques School of Design in the Dominican Republic. She will be studying fashion design with hope of creating her own line of clothing and jewelry. Mónika’s dream is to open a business at Altos de Chavón in La Romana, a wealthy area of the Dominican Republic where Julio Iglesias and Oscar de la Renta began their careers as entertainers.

The jewelry, by Rodriguez, is made almost entirely of materials from the Carribean. Besides the Sterling Silver that is used to create tpic2.jpghe jewelry hardware, clasps, etc., most all of the stones and prescious jems Mónika uses are found locally in the Dominican Republic and other nearby islands. Larimar, red & black corals, pearls and Dominican Amber are only some of the stones she uses to create original necklaces, pic3.jpgbracelets and earrings. Rodriguez also finds herself working with Swarovski and other Czechoslovakian crystal. The combination of silver, Caribbean stone and Eastern European crystal creates works of art that luminesce, emitting an ethnic-Carrib ambiance. These pieces are imported directly from the Dominican Republic and are made with unmatched craftsmanship. 

Please contact Mónika or Floriana Gonzalez if interested in viewing other original works:

Mónika Rodriguez – 809.857.2301 –

Floriana Gonzalez – 646.234.2364 – 845.947.8537 –


9 thoughts on “Imports: Jewelry by Mónika Rodriguez

  1. Hola
    Los felicito por el reportaje sobre Monika Rodriguez, que es una joven a quien admiro por la versatilidad de sus diseños, lo cual me hace sentir orgulloso de que ella como digna representante de la juventud dominicana pueda destacar incluso en el exterior.
    Exitos a Monika y felicidades por el lanzamiento de su catalogo para ventas en multinivel “Dennmaríe Joyas”

    Manuel Alejandro Tarrazo Lama (Actor)

  2. Conozco los diseños de Monika Rodriguez y puedo corroborar lo que ustedes comentan, espero que tenga muchos exitos de ventas con el lanzamiento de su catalogo “Dennmarie Joyas” que ya adquiri y del cual he comprado muchos articulos.
    Marisela Salado

  3. Quisiera saber la direccion donde puedo contactar a monika Rodriguen en Republica Dominicana, me interesan sus productos para mi tienda de bisuteria.


  4. Hola, estaba buscando mi pagina y me encontre con esta pagina y me sorprendio mucho. Mi nombre es Monica Rodriguez tambien y al igual que ella diseno joyas. Me encantaria conoser sus disenos. Yo. vivo en Chicago IL. y tengo 27 anos.

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