Midrises Coming to Maple Avenue?

Recently, in the Rockland Journal News, a developer who owns several apartment buildings at the corner of Maple Avenue and West Street in the Village of Haverstraw released his plan to build four- and six-story apartment buildings after completion of demolition of his existing properties. The present apartment complex has been a source of blight along Maple Avenue for decades now. The proposal for midrise buildings came under scrutiny by some Village board members, who said “Haverstraw is not New York City” and “…six-stories is too tall for Haverstraw.” The proposal includes construction of 150 new rental and for sale units that range from studio apartments to two-bedroom lofts. The proposed project is in a crucial redevelopment area adjacent to the $500,000,000 Harbors at Haverstraw community. With proper design and implementation, the Maple Avenue/West Street area can become a vital entranceway to downtown Haverstraw and to the waterfront.  


3 thoughts on “Midrises Coming to Maple Avenue?

  1. iam curious to know wats goin to happen to the townhouses next to the maple apartments?my family’s future is at stake i really need to know if someone is goin to want to buy me out

  2. I’m not exactly sure what is going to happen to those townhomes. . . GDC, the company who is building The Harbors, is not involved in this project so you don’t have to worry about them. Do you rent or own your townhouse? If you own it and the village decides to condemn (this probably won’t happen), then they are obligated to pay you fair market value for your home. If you feel like you aren’t getting fair market value, take the village to court and a judge will decide what your home is worth. That’s all I can tell you now until I learn more details. Thanks for posting at HaverstrawLife!

  3. I think the village has made a mistake by not approving these buildings. We need taller buildings because there is barely anymore land to build on in the village and the village of Haverstraw is a “gold mine”. The state of New York is looking to break up the village’s government and decisions like not letting developers build bigger buildings are the reason for this. It’s bad enough that the town of Haverstraw has to pay more taxes because the village can’t afford its own police department. What are these people thinking! If they would’ve developed these buildings on maple ave. the village would be getting more money in property taxes. Not to mention that the more people would stimulate the economy in the village by bringing more business to the local businesses. I am appalled by the rationale behind this and I strongly believe that some of the people on the board need to look at the bigger picture because if they don’t, pretty soon they will be out of a job.

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