Revamping the Village’s Streets

The Village of Haverstraw recently applied for a Federal Community Block Grant that might supply the Village with $2 million needed to improve drainage and the quality of its streets. The money will be used for paving, work on crosswalks, and drainage systems for New Main Street, West, Lincoln, Broad, and Sharp Streets. The first phase of the project will continue through summer 2007 and end in the fall. The Village is hoping to receive $250,000 for its long-awaited streetscape enhancement work, which will supply Broadway, New Main, and Main Street with historical lighting, brick crosswalks, benches, and trash receptacles. Many local merchants are hoping that a plan to expand the width of sidewalks will allow them to offer outdoor dining. Read more about it here.


2 thoughts on “Revamping the Village’s Streets

  1. Apparently, Ginsburg is trying to back out of the deal to fix up the streets. And he got all that land for free out of the deal, hmmmm?

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