Clearing a View: Condemnation Moves Ahead on Broadway

80-92-broadway.JPGThrough the controvercial eminant domain law, the Village of Haverstraw has acquired two parcels on either side of the Lady Warren Hose Co. No. 5 firehouse on Broadway. The two properties, 80 and 92 Broadway, were condemned and will be torn down to open up the view of the Hudson River from Broadway. The revitalization plan for the Village describes this area as a main gateway for the Greenway Trail. The Village will pay $125,000 for the 92 Broadway parcel and $230,000 for 80 Broadway. A cinderblock building and the automotive shop on the corner of Jefferson Street are slated to be demolished. In the future, the Village may act to move the existing firehouse elsewhere in order to move forward with its revitalization plans. Mayor “Bud” Wassmer hopes to add an outdoor cafe with river views on the site.


5 thoughts on “Clearing a View: Condemnation Moves Ahead on Broadway

  1. I heard that condemnation will move forward near the start of this summer (the tenants must vacate at that point). I am not exactly sure when demolition will occur, but it could also happen this summer.

  2. that is so amazing….. i’ve always loved the short view u can see from the light, right before the firehouse… did someone say summer? i can only hope it wud be that soon…. yay!

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