HaverstrawLife is Seeking Your Ideas!

question-mark.jpgHaverstrawLife is looking for your ideas on what can be done to make the Village of Haverstraw a better and more exciting place to live. What can be added into the Revitalization Effort? What do you expect of the local government? What stores would you like to see on Broadway or Main Street? Should Haverstraw have a Starbucks Coffee? What do you really think about the waterfront development? Please, make your ideas known and comment here. You cannot effect change if you are not vocal. There are few ideas and infinite questions. Do you have the answer?


8 thoughts on “HaverstrawLife is Seeking Your Ideas!

  1. I want the ferry to run at night and on the weekends so I can get into the city for something other than work…

  2. This is something that New York Waterway, and now NY Water Taxi, needs to work on. People have been calling for expanded service since the ferry first came into operation. I agree. Give us a wider schedule!

  3. If the new rail transit system that they are hoping to build across the new TZB becomes popular enough and it draws enough people away from the ferries, then the ferries might stop operating because there is no demand…

  4. This is untrue: the ferry operations serve a totally different market than the new train system will serve. The new water taxi ferry serves Lower Manhattan and the NY Waterway ferry to Ossining serves mostly North Rockland residents who would not likely travel all the way to west nyack or nanuet to catch a train to the same place (Grand Central) that the NY Waterway Ferry goes. If anything, the new rail system would allow Haverstraw ferry riders access to the Palisades Mall and elsewhere in Westchester because they will be able to transfer at Tarrytown to go east or west on the new rail system. The new rail system can only benefit the ferry services.

  5. Is it fair that hundreds of lower income residents of Haverstraw are being forced to leave because of rising rents?

  6. This is true that many lower income residents of Haverstraw, especially Hispanics, are becoming victims of gentrification. But, the United States is a capitalist nation, and gentrification occurs all the time. Haverstraw is a prime example of the sad reality of progress. This shows that Haverstraw is not immune to progress.

  7. With rising oil prices as well as gentrification in most of the major cities across the US, it is a difficult time for the working class. Urban housing prices are at a high, while low income housing is at a low. Furthermore, the increase in gas prices has made it difficult for the poor to live in the suburbs and commute to work. More needs to be done to ensure that there is adequate low income housing. If this does not happen, the working class will not be able to sustain itself, causing a potentially disastrous strain on our economy.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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