Support for Tappan Zee Alernative 4A


The Tappan Zee Bridge task force has whittled down the list of alternatives for replacement or maintenance of the Tappan Zee Bridge (I-287) corridor. They have settled on six alternatives: (1) No build – maintain the bridge “as is,” (2) Rehabilitate the existing bridge with seismic and structural upgrades, (3) a new bridge and full corridor Bus Rapid Transit , (4A) a new bridge and full corridor Commuter Rail Transit, (4B) Manhattan-bound commuter rail from Rockland with Light Rail across Westchester, and (4C) Manhattan-bound commuter rail from Rockland with bus rapid transit across Westchester. If Alternative 3 is not chosen (alternatives 1 and 2 are unlikely), then commuter rail from Rockland is a definite. HaverstrawLife would like to garner support for Alternative 4A, Full Corridor Commuter Rail Transit. HaverstrawLife feels that full corridor rail, with many new stations in Rockland and Westchester and connections to the Metro North Hudson and New Haven Lines, with transfers to all other NJ Transit and Metro North lines, would provide Rocklanders with the best chance at overcoming immobility in the region. We must learn that the deemphasis of the automobile in transportation is necessary to ensure a prosperous future. Please, HELP BUILD ALTERNATIVE 4A! For more information, please visit the Alternatives Analysis presented by Metro North Railroad, the New York State Department of Transportation, and the New York State Thruway Authority.


3 thoughts on “Support for Tappan Zee Alernative 4A

  1. I think the 4A idea is good as well. My only question is, how will this affect residents who live in Stony Point and Haverstraw. Does the new plan include building commuter rail transit through either of those towns that will connect to the new commuter rail going over the bridge? Or even better, does this project include building commuter rail transit through Stony Point and Haverstraw that will connect to NJ Transit lines?

  2. Hi Chris! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the plan does include commuter rail for Haverstraw or Stony Point. However, the ferry service from Haverstraw, which will soon have an expanded schedule, connects to Ossining. You will be able to connect to Metro North at Ossining and then ride a train, say, to the Palisades Mall, and then on to NJTransit at Spring Valley or Suffern. The plan connects almost all of the North-South commuter lines in the region. There is a plan by NJTransit to restore passenger service on the West Shore Line (the train line that already goes through Haverstraw and Stony Point), but this proposal is still in the works and won’t happen for a very long time. We definitely need more mass transit options, as gas prices continue to move toward $4.00 a gallon. We will be unable to drive, because of the cost, and then we won’t have any options unless the government moves forward on this.

  3. Unfortunately, our President and New York State Governor (Cuomo) do not fully understand the merits of trans-Hudson rail. They have eliminated environmental review for the project in order to speed its construction. They have opted to omit passenger rail from the project “for a later date.” If passenger rail is not included in the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement now, I’m afraid it will never be built, similar to the failed promises of George Washington Bridge light rail.

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