Chair Factory Eminent Domain Will Likely Move Forward

The Supreme Court Appellate Division in White Plains has ruled to deny the owners of the Empire State Chair Factory site the ability to resist eminent domain proceedings by the Village of Haverstraw. The site is included in the Village urban renewal district and is the third phase of waterfront development. The Village will condemn the property and then hand it over for development by Ginsburg Development Companies (GDC). The legal proceedings have put the project on hold for almost four years; the ferries (NY Water Taxi and NY Waterway) are to be moved to the end of Main Street to a new pier and phased construction of structured parking and retail can then continue at the site. The current site owners have said that they plan to refine their appeal; they will not give up their fight. It seems, though, that their fight is hopeless and they are only delaying much-needed development on the waterfront.


Thoughts? Opinions?

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