New York Waterway Ferry Service to Ossining Breaks All Records


Since 2001, the New York Waterway ferry service to Ossining from Haverstraw has been ushering commuters to and from the MetroNorth Railroad Hudson Line that provides service to Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. At the time of its inception, the ferry was only expected to carry up to 200 passengers a day to and from Ossining. Today, to much excitement, the ferry service provides over 250 daily rides and is expected to continue to grow by nearly 5% or more each year in the future. Planners and politicians cite rising gas prices, roadway toll increase, and increasing congestion on area highways as reasons for the high ridership and even higher ridership projections for the ferry. The MTA and NY Waterway hope to expand the service in the near future to include more off-peak service, which includes midday and late-night rides. Haverstraw residents are excited for the service expansions as they will be able to use the ferry for more than just commuting, like nights out on the town and excursions in the city. The ferry service has also received heavy funding from the federal government to build and operate out of a new ferry pier and terminal at the foot of Main Street in Emeline Park in the Village of Haverstraw.


5 thoughts on “New York Waterway Ferry Service to Ossining Breaks All Records

  1. Yes, the ferry only runs on weekdays as a commuter ferry (morning and evening). Eventually, the ferry service will be expanded to include the weekend and nighttime, and midday service. This will likely happen when the ferry is moved to the base of Main Street in the Village of Haverstraw.

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