Main Street Ferry Terminal Designs Take Form

McLaren Engineering Group of West Nyack has been working diligently on the design of the Ferry Terminal, retail spaces, and parking garage that is to be situated at the foot of Main Street in the Village. The massive project will allow for the New York Waterway Ferry and New York Water Taxi service to move from the current ferry landing to the foot of Main Street and at Emeline Park for broader access by Village and regional residents. The project is viewed as a long-awaited catalyst to return the Village downtown to its former splendor. Many residents and commuters are excited for the new ferry facility and pier. Officials believe that project will be operational within the next three years. Here are notable renderings from the project:


2 thoughts on “Main Street Ferry Terminal Designs Take Form

  1. I love your website, I check it every week since 2006 when I moved to the Harbors. You bring hope to many people and prove that nothing is impossible in Haverstraw!

    Great positive energy from your blogs, keep up the outstanding work and feel free to check out my blog at under Adam’s blog.

    If you know anybody that wants to move into the Harbors at Haverstraw, Im in real estate and specialize in the development,

    Thanks a Mil!

  2. Hey Adam –

    Thanks for the compliments! I hope you continue to enjoy the site. I’ll be sure to check out your blog, and I can surely mention your real estate business. Good luck and get your friends to move to the Village!!! Spread the word!

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