Moving Beyond the Automobile: Transit Oriented Development

Imagine that! Maximum parking ratios, with no minimum parking requirements for new development! But, our zoning won’t allow it! Well, maybe it’s time to think about changing our zoning?

If the Village of Haverstraw were to embrace a future with less cars (this may happen whether we like it or not; declining global petroleum production is a near certainty), we could perhaps see more enlivened Village streets, which can spur community connectivity and even increased business for our downtown stores and restaurants. Think car-free. It’s the future. has been broadcasting innovative short films that are focused on introducing new ways of thinking about our own communities and our streets. The street is arguably the most important piece of any downtown. The street is where community is built, where we forge our local identity. Should we dedicate our streets to metal and rubber boxes that zoom by, or to the people that make up our community?



Thoughts? Opinions?

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