Election 2011: Jay Hood, Jr., County Legislator

HaverstrawLife.com will not endorse any candidate for the upcoming election season.

Jay Hood, Jr. is running as a Democrat for Rockland County Legislator of the County’s 3rd Legislative District, which encompasses the Village of Haverstraw. His opponent is Ricky Sanchez. Below, is Jay’s letter to HaverstrawLife readers and voters:

It has been an honor to be the County Legislator from District 3 for the past four years. I have worked hard to fight for issues that affect the Villages of Haverstraw and West Haverstraw. Like many government levels we are facing serious budget problems but I am committed to facing them this coming budget season. We will look for ways to further reduce spending while continuing the services that are needed more than ever.

I possess a temperament which allows me to work well with others in government, which my opponent sorely lacks.

I believe my record of supporting community events and organizations shows my love for this area and its people. I am always on call when anyone needs help, the people have learned to count on me.

I have also listed some my recent accomplishments and Biography information below to show my years of education and government experience which I believe sets me apart from the opposition.


  • Reduced County spending and reduced County workforce by over 300 positions
    • Lowest County Tax rate in New York State (not to be confused with other taxing jurisdictions)
  • Passed a Comprehensive plan to aid Towns and Villages in Development issues
  • Continue to push for Rail Road Quiet Zones- slated to start in 2012
  • Public Safety Committee Chair- worked closely with the District Attorney and Law Enforcement agencies to reduce crime
  • Fought for repairs to the Firing Range to reduce noise- slated to start this year
  • Worked with the Village Board to Combat Quality of Life problems
  • Support numerous Charities and organizations
  • Supported the continuation of the Youth Employment program, prenatal clinic and the Civil Rights Commission


  • County Legislator (2007-Pres)
  • Haverstraw Town Councilman (2005-2007)
  • Partner in Law Firm of Hood, Hood, & Hood
  • New York State Democratic Committee Member
  • Chairman- Waterfront Action Committee
  • Haverstraw Village Attorney
  • Coordinator Haverstraw Façade Program 1999-2005
  • Chairman- Haverstraw Youth Theater 2006-2007
  • Former Board member- Red Cross of Rockland County


St. Peter’s School- 1984
St. Joseph’s High School- 1988
St. Bonaventure University- 1992
Villanova School of Law- 1995


26 thoughts on “Election 2011: Jay Hood, Jr., County Legislator

  1. There are a few things you need to know about your County Legislator Jay Hood. Jay Hood has one of the worst voting records in the history of Rockland. Hes accomplished this title in just under 6 years. He has shown no courage or backbone in any decisions nor has he taken a stand on any controversial issue.

  2. Jay Hood is living large off the backs of the people in Haverstraw. He receives 50k as the Haverstraw village attorney and $34,000 for being a county Legislator. He has also taken millions from the people of Haverstraw in legal fees. Mr. Hood feels the people of Haverstraw are there to fund his elaborate lifestyle. He feels he’s entitled to these positions because he’s part of this intilectual elite class of people that should rule you. Jay Hood has taken advantage of you long enough. Jay Hood has never ventured out on his own and had to survive he has always taken advantage of the people of Haverstraw milking them out of every dime he could squeeze. Its time to send this coward out into the real world to fend for himself like the rest of us.

  3. What politicians don’t live large? He has done a decent job with working to get some of the drug crimes dealt with

  4. Jay Hood has:
    Voted to raise property taxes over 25%
    Voted to purchase art for $100,000 all while the county faces its biggest deficit in its history, over $50 million. And we are a hair away from having to lay off workers.
    Voted to give Scott Vanderhoef a $17,000 a year pay raise.
    Voted for Flow Control essentially handing Garbage hauling in Rockland over to Ramapos Christopher St Lawrence and the Solid Waste Management Authority
    Voted for every budget bill since hes been on the board. He has never proposed any amendments or cuts. And put his stamp of approval on all the over projected sales tax revenues even though he knew full well they were false. Essentially lying to pass the budget

  5. What does a county legislator have to do with drug crimes? answer: nothing at all. The police work for the town board dont give this little twirp credit for something he has nothing to do with

  6. Wow If this is true I will never vote for him again. Im going to call howie tomorrow and see if its true. If it is Howie should pull his support also. We need some strong leaders in these tuff times.

    1. Alls I know is he dealt with County Narcotics (that’s how the County is involved with the Village) division, which led to some busts, which in my book is a good thing for the Village. He hasn’t pushed hard enough for the sidewalks and street trees project on Main Street though.

  7. I’ve noticed a lot of rapid posting here. If I catch one person posting multiple times under different names, I will have no choice but to moderate comments here. While critique is welcome, please, keep all posts professional and mature. A healthy debate is an asset to every election.

    1. That’s ok Jared. There are many from outside of Haverstraw posting here. The people that live here know what I do for the residents. I’ve made the best decisions possible, not everyone will be happy. Thank you for keeping it civil.

  8. Get used to rapid posts and political debate if your going to run political stories It always sparks deep emotions. Especially when you run a fluff piece on the worste politician in Rockland. Do you think were stupid or something we know what this guy is all about. Trust me you cant save him

  9. Josh, It’s not my job to “save” anyone. I am allowing the politicians that are running in the upcoming election post in the Opinions & Politics section of the site. Mr. Hood was simply the first to submit a post. Again, there are more to come from the other candidates.

    I don’t think you are stupid; I think you obviously know who you are voting for, which is a good thing. As you can see, I have neither endorsed nor come out against this particular candidate, and as the owner of this blog, I will not officially endorse any candidate.

    Please, keep an eye out for the other candidates that are running. I’m sure you will have comments for them as well.

  10. Mr Hood I do live in your district and my family and I were planning on supporting you but could you please address the above post regarding your voting record 25% tax increase, vanderhoef pay raise, purchase of art ect. I find it hard to believe this is your true record but you havnt addressed it. I know you wouldnt do this. Chris Collins

    1. I would love to talk to you about these and any other issues. It is easy to float comments about 3 or 4 votes out of thousands that I have cast. I type with two fingers so I cat possibly explain everything here and why I voted a certain way. Please call my office 429-6400 or cell phone 893-1745. I am will not run from my record and I am confident you will see I did the right thing in each case. It’s always better to get all the facts before you vote. I also ask that you consider the person and his record as a whole, not just a few offhanded anonymous comments.

      PS: I don’t see you on the registered voter list as of 6/2011. You should check to see if you are registered.

      1. Thank you for your reply I would like to speak to you. I take it from your reply this record is true. I must say it will be tough to convince me that vanderhoef deserved a raise but i will hear you out. Ill check my reg i must be regeistered under my maiden name. Do i have to change that? Chris Collins

  11. Hey Jay Answer me this Have you ever proposed a cut in spending in any dept? Just a yes or no answer please. and by the way do you own a mirror. I dont know how you can look at yourself every morning knowing what youve done to the people of Rockland. 50 mil defecit you should be ashamed of yourself and resign. I know this seems like im supporting your opponent but the truth is ive never met the man but We gave you a chance and you failed plain and simple YOU FAILED US.

    1. Hes not going to answer you phil. He knows full well what hes done. Hes a smart man. he just thinks were stupid enough to trust him again. Or he thinks he can spin his record and convince us he had no choice. I want to know what he got for Haverstraw when he gave Vanderpoop that raise. And most of all why did he support every budget with all the tax increases and overprojected tax revenue. like I said hes a smart man he knew damn well those budgets were a scam that would leave the taxpayers holding the bag.

    2. My phone numbers have been posted. Anyone can call me at anytime. I have decided not to reply to anyone that does not sign there full name and town/village they live in. Some of these posts are far too venomous to think they are not just the opposition in hiding. Can’t think of anything more cowardly than that.
      Anyone who knows me, knows I try to do the right thing in any situation and I will continue to do that. Either way thank you for visiting and considering me. Jay

    3. My phone numbers have been posted. Anyone can call me at anytime. I have decided not to reply to anyone that does not sign their full name and town/village they live in. Some of these posts are far too venomous to think they are not just the opposition in hiding. Can’t think of anything more cowardly than that.
      Anyone who knows me, knows I try to do the right thing in any situation and I will continue to do that. Either way thank you for visiting and considering me. Jay

      1. So let me get this straight Jay, If I question your record you call it venomous and accuse me of working for your opponent. How arrogant can you be. Is it possible that many of us think youve done a bad job? Is it possible that lost us when you raised our taxes 25% or maybe when you gave vanderhoef that raise or just maybe it was when you sold out to st lawrence. I cant think of anything more cowardly than that. I know your probably a real nice guy who tried his best but how can you defend your record the truth is you cant thats why your deflecting any objections. I dont see any personal attacks here just concerns about your record and how you make your living off the backs of the taxpayers. thats fair game sir and its all true and you know it

  12. Jared your great, effort & attempt to bring the candidates out on this wonderful always informative website unfortunately turned into a playground for cowards! I’m very sorry to see this, your answers and intelligent display of fareness is not understood by the people who comment.

  13. hi my name is antonio i came to rockland when i was 9. I was born in 109th street in manhattan spanish harlm been in Haverstraw 21 years know i graduated north rockland high 2002 it was hard my mother went through a divorce with my step father and i finished high school in saint agathas homeless shelterthay had a special program called project turning point in nanuet on convent rd well to make a long story short i started a bussniss while living in my car it wasnt easy no one wanted to give a 24 year old hispanic fence contractor a job while living in his car. jay hood and his family gave me my first job and gave me the support i needed till this day 7 years later if i need someone to talk to good advice or in a jam i know i could go to his office or give him a call i know he’s their. If thats not someone thets invoeld with his comunity then i dont know what is this is a true story

    1. Thank you Antonio. I was in need of an uplifting story. I admire your hard work and I know you do it all for your family. Keep up the good work!

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