Get Your Mob Gear Ready . . .

ImageThe North Rockland Cash Mob started with a flash. Local resident Ellen Donovan contacted me via Facebook to get a local cash mob initiative launched and generating buzz. Well, the mob is buzzing. Now over 700 members in size, and growing by the hundreds each day, the North Rockland Cash Mob is becoming, well, unruly. The mob will descend upon the Village of Haverstraw on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The mob will convene beneath the four-faced clock at the corner of Maple Avenue, New Main Street, and Main Street at 12:00 PM (high noon!) prompt! From there, the mobsters will strut their stuff to the business that was selected via crowd-sourcing. That business, which has yet to be finalized (vote now!), will get a needed boost in business from the flush-with-cash unruly mob. We’re excited! Join us on April 21st; we’re rowdy and ready to support the local economy!

Here are more reasons how cash mobbing helps the community and brings us together.


3 thoughts on “Get Your Mob Gear Ready . . .

  1. We started a cash mob action in our town recently….warning the business so they could be prepared…..the reports from the first month’s location is that their overall daily business has increased….THAT’s THE POINT!!!!

    BUY LOCALLY and we can turn the economy around!!!

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