Guest Post: Local Business in Haverstraw

The following guest post is authored by Jonathan M. Solis, a Haverstraw Village resident and local entrepreneur. Jonathan created Local Roamer, a local business discount platform, and NutraSol Natural Center (a health food center); Jonathan hopes to eventually open a branch of NutraSol in the Village.

I’ve always said that Haverstraw is a gold mine and it is evident with the amount of new businesses arising in the area.  Entrepreneurs are beginning to see the potential in this little village just north of New York City and it is our responsibility as residents of Haverstraw and Rockland County as a whole, to support these businesses and buy local.  However, I sometimes feel that we take these local mom and pop shops for granted.   Sometimes we overlook the importance of these businesses and the role they play in the lives of local residents in the area.

Just think of the convenience these local businesses offer the Village of Haverstraw.  Whether you need to buy some groceries at the local Bodega, need to take your kids to the doctor, or you have to pick up your prescription from the local pharmacy, everything you need is right there close-by and all in walking distance for those who live in the village.  Now imagine how much harder things will be for the locals if those businesses didn’t exist.   It would be more difficult and more expensive to have to travel a farther distance to get the goods and services elsewhere.

Local businesses stimulate the local economy.   There are many people from out of town who visit Haverstraw to have dinner on the Hudson, purchase their homemade candies from Lucas Candy, or get custom cakes from Vilma’s Bakery.   The diversity of these businesses all in one village attracts tourists and more business overall.  Each of these businesses is actually helping each other.   Even the bar and grill restaurants who one would think are competing, are actually helping each other out in some ways too.   I see the village of Haverstraw becoming like Nyack where people go for the purpose of bar hopping for a night out.  If there would only be one bar, Nyack would not attract as many visitors as it does on the weekends.  It’s the same concept in Haverstraw where people are going to start going for a night out with the sole purpose of walking through the strips and visiting various spots. The fact that these local shops are all close-by within walking distance of each other makes the village of Haverstraw a breeding ground for social gatherings where friends and family can have a good time.

Local businesses stimulate the local economy and we have to make the wise decision of buying locally so that we can continue to have the privilege and convenience of having everything we need in our own backyard, the Village of Haverstraw.


11 thoughts on “Guest Post: Local Business in Haverstraw

  1. A Natural Center in the Village? Are you kidding? I am plotzing in anticipation. That is exactly one of the things we need here. Bring it on.

  2. I thought for some weird reason that “plotz” was an uber-inappropriate word, but I just looked it up on yiddish dictionary. lol YES! Egg Jonathan on! We need this; it’d be awesome if it was just a section within a co-op grocery store. I know Luis & Hillary Torres are all about it (same with everyone else we know). I could see it in the 5&10 in a heartbeat.

    1. Time to brush up on your Yiddish, Mr. Rodriguez. Wow, a co-op grocer sounds divine. As it is I spend $40 every other week using to deliver my greens. I HATE grocery shopping. If I had a local organic produce guy I would be in heaven. Every time I have to go into Stop & Shop I break out in hives. Do we need grocery stores the size of the Taj Mahal? For real?

  3. Thanks, I plan on doing something in the village. It is definitely needed and it would be nice to see a NutraSol in the village of Haverstraw.

  4. I totally agree. The co-op market in Beacon is incredible. Ever been? I want something like that. It’d be a hit (literally an indoor farm market, open year round). You could become a “member” of the co-op, which is literally like being a member in a home-owners association, but for a grocery store. The members make bulk purchases and decide what products to carry. The store isn’t members-only, it’s open to the public, which only supports the place even more. It’s like the Park Slop Co-op:

    1. Never been to Beacon’s co-op. Love Beacon though. I know all about co-ops. We so need one. To get off the subject for a sec check out this SICK new resort that is opening in Beacon.
      Designed by the Rockwell Group. LOVE the Rockwell Group. The recession really screwed things up in Beacon, but now they are moving forward. Beacon’s Main St. also has an awesome little wine bar. The Village needs both those things.
      Jared, I think once that resort gets built we need to gather a bunch of us and stay there the weekend. Wouldn’t that be divine? I am thinking closer to fall like in September when there is little rain, the leaves are just turning and it is still warm but not humid.

  5. I’d totally be up for that. I love the Roundhouse project. It’s great. The developer is also restoring the Beacon Theatre up on Main Street (it’s across from where the Piggy Bank restaurant used to be). Beacon is a freakin’ Hudson Valley powerhouse; a little bit of that needs to rub off on Newburgh and Haverstraw. Haverstraw has the disadvantage of being closer into the City – dead in the middle of suburbia. That’s why the hipsters “skip over” Haverstraw on their way up to Beacon, Rhinebeck, Hudson, Kingston, etc. I’m trying hard as heck to make them see Haverstraw as an “island in the middle of suburgatory.” It might be working a little bit . . .

    1. Cool, I will hold you to it then. Yup, doesn’t surprise me you know about that project. Yes, I know the Beacon Theater as well as the Piggy Bank. I eat the crap out of their ribs. Give me that pig, damn it. I think a weekend up in Beacon would lead to all of us getting arrested and never being allowed back in that joint again.

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