High-Tech Commute from Haverstraw?

ny-water-taxi.jpgWe may soon see an additional ferry operator at the Haverstraw Ferry Pier. NY Water Taxi has placed a bid to operate a ferry service from Haverstraw to Yonkers and then to Lower Manhattan. New York Waterway has also placed the same bid. The Port Authority will choose which bid will handle this new ferry service. If Water Taxi wins the bid, service will begin in July. Water Taxi’s bid includes:

• 150-passenger catamaran
• Heated, air-conditioned, carpeted, with concession stand and CNN
• Low-wake hulls to minimize ecosystem disturbance; hospital-grade mufflers for a quiet ride
• 45-minute trip to lower Manhattan
• Speed: 26 mph
• Service from Yonkers and Haverstraw
• Nonstop to World Financial Center and Wall Street but has dock at 44th Street if demand is there

The current Haverstraw to Ossining service, operated by NY Waterway, will remain in operation. With this new service to Yonkers and Lower Manhattan, Rockland County will finally have its elusive “one seat ride” for commuters to Manhattan. A spokesman from Water Taxi says the ferry commute will be similar to a 45 minute flight on a luxury jet. Exciting times lie ahead!

It has just been confirmed by New York Water Taxi that the Ferry from Yonkers to the World Financial Center and Pier 11 on Wall Street will begin service on the morning of May 1, 2007.


22 thoughts on “High-Tech Commute from Haverstraw?

  1. Ferry service from Yonkers to the World Financial Center and Wall Street is set to begin sometime in April. The service will then be expanded to Haverstraw in either June or July. Water Taxi is still the chosen operator. The ferry will depart from the Yonkers Pier on the Yonkers waterfront and from the existing Haverstraw Ferry Landing on Dr. Girling Drive in the Village of Haverstraw. I am unaware of how much the ferry service will cost a commuter. The ferry route from Haverstraw makes a stop in Yonkers to pick up more passengers before sailing down to the World Financial Center and Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. Keep an eye out in the local newspaper for exact dates of ferry service introduction. I will post more information as it is provided here at HaverstrawLife.com

  2. Here’s an update on the Ferry Service by Water Taxi to the World Financial Center: The ferry service is now expected to start in Yonkers in May. I am not sure if it will also be starting in Haverstraw at the same time; since the Yonkers start has been pushed back from April. If not, the Haverstraw service will start in either June or July. Because Rockland County is really pushing for the service, I would not be surprised if the service starts from Haverstraw, also, in May.

  3. Do you know if the haverstraw downtown ferry will only goto WFC? Will it also goto Pier 11 on the east side? I work downtown but WFC is way too much of a hike for me.

  4. David:

    Yes, the ferry will also service Pier 11/Wall Street after making the stop at the World Financial Center. Yonkers Pier is also on the way. Do you live in Haverstraw? Please, feel free to leave comments on the site, and let others know about it as well. Thanks for posting!

    Jared Rodriguez

  5. Another update: According to Susan Meyer from the Rockland County Planning Department, ferry service will begin in Yonkers in May. Ferry service will NOT be expanded to Haverstraw until three months later, which puts the inaugural cruise to Lower Manhattan from Haverstraw sometime in August. This is kind of a bummer, but at least service is definitely on the way!

  6. yeah, i most likely August from the existing ferry landing. How many other people do you know are going to take this ferry? Do you think the ridership will be good?

  7. it’s going to add an extra hour of commute time for me (half hour in the morning and half hour in the evening)so I just want to try it out and see how the price is. I currently drive down to weehaken to take the ferry to pier 11…if I take the 5:20 pm ferry home I am in my house in Pomona at 6:40. If this new ferry leaves at 5:30 and does not dock in haverstraw until 7pm I wont be home until 7:15 or so due to 202 traffic…the cost of the ferry will really make up my mind…so lets see.

  8. But you’ll save on gas and parking fees, plus less headache than driving home on the palisades? We’ll see how expensive, you’re right.

  9. Has anyone heard if the 1st week of Aug is still the scheduled target date for the start of the ferry service? If yes any idea on the cost single trip, 2 way, and monthly…..

  10. I will be notified by Susan Meyer from the County Planning Dept. if any of the ferry logistics change from what is currently planned. August is it as far as I know. It’s kind of frustrating that the plan doesn’t seem so concrete and that the County and Water Taxi are not heavily advertising the new service. No one will even know about the new service when it does start. Dave, you’ll definitely have a quiet (and lonely) commute when the new service begins. No ideas on cost. Refer to my other articles on the new ferry service on HaverstrawLife.com. You can interpolate what the cost might be based on the service from Yonkers and based on other long-haul water taxi services. Also, look to NYWaterway rates to get some kind of an idea. I’m looking at $20-$30 round-trip. Not sure as of yet. Again, this also depends on government subsidy (federal, state, and local). I think the rate will be competitive with the cost of a monthly MetroNorth and NYWaterway Rail/Ferry Combo Pass. Plus, you have to realize, there is NO transfer, and it’s almost door-to-door service; even better if you live in Haverstraw Village.

  11. I have a feeling the monthly ticket is going to be about $550 or $600…since the yonkers monthly ticket is $440. By the way…the Pier 11 NY Waterway staff know nothing about this new ferry route. Makes me think that the 8/1 start is going to be pushed.

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