How to Spark a Downtown Renaissance

I’ve been studying urban revitalization for some time now. The myths and secrets about economic growth, revitalization, real estate and change in urban areas are plentiful. To understand how your community might develop into one of those places you’ve dreamed of living in and why certain places ascend, and other places decline, it helps to read works by the top experts in the field. I have found that I’ve learned so much reading the likes of Jane Jacobs, Robert Caro or Richard Florida. New ideas have arisen over urban growth and revitalization just in the last ten years. It really helps to keep up on these issues. If our politicians really understood the fundamentals of diverse and vibrant downtowns, then the future of our communities could be very different. Here are my suggested readings:



There are more to read, but these are the essentials. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

4 thoughts on “How to Spark a Downtown Renaissance

  1. Again, I REALLY recommend the Jane Jacobs book mentioned above. It will really open your eyes to failures in our physical built environment, and why certain places fail, and other thrive. Such a great book, and a great woman at that.

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