Getting Urbanized

A new documentary by Gary Hustwit (Helvetica and Objectified) explores the changes happening to our cities, villages, and other settlements. The world is urbanizing and the places that do it well will ultimately win. Places with the best quality of life and the best urban environments (all places are ultimately “urban,” even suburb and rural … More Getting Urbanized

Sound Off: How will high energy costs affect the Village in the future?

In your opinion, how might the growing price of oil affect the Village of Haverstraw? Might we see an influx of new residents as suburb dwellers seek ways to avoid driving expensive cars? Might a rebirth in local manufacturing and commercial river traffic emerge? Perhaps the future of the Village will look much like its past? … More Sound Off: How will high energy costs affect the Village in the future?

Haverstraw Village Local Currency Plan

The Concept: Haverstraw Notes Local currency is a powerful, local economic development engine. The problem with national currency like the U.S. Dollar is that value is quite often removed from a local economy, as that value is transferred to national retailers (chains) or is spent elsewhere, in other communities. By creating a local currency system … More Haverstraw Village Local Currency Plan

City/Nature or Nature is NOT a Saint Bernard

We’ve sentimentalized Nature, which has led to its destruction and to a damaging blurring between urbanism and the natural world. Because we don’t recognize that humanity is part of nature, and cities themselves are natural creations (much like a coral reef, an ant hill, “colonies of prairie dogs or the beds of oysters”), we have bastardized the urban form by creating suburbia, semi-suburbia, and exurbia. … More City/Nature or Nature is NOT a Saint Bernard

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: MICHELLE NATALE at 845-429-8447 or MIA MARSH at 917-547-0682 Farm Fresh from our table to yours!   Haverstraw’s Harvest Farmers Market is growing. Join us on June 12 for our Opening Celebration!  Haverstraw, N.Y. – Last year the Market was in dire straights due to a lack of funding when The Greater Haverstraw … More For Immediate Release

Our History of Trains

I have been both amazed and frustrated by the recent “national conversation” on high speed rail. Never before in the history of these United States has transportation (especially railroads) become part of the partisan divide. It seems the R’s need more issues to fight over with the D’s; and where are the I’s in all … More Our History of Trains

Built to Last

There’s something about old fashioned communities that attracts so many of us. What is it exactly? Can you pinpoint that special something about Nyack, or Piermont, or Hoboken, or Brooklyn, or . . . HaverstrawVillage that creates excitement, the platform for a thriving community? … More Built to Last